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Eve Rose Yoga Yoga Teacher in East London

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One to One Tuition & Corporate Classes

One to One Yoga Sessions

Eve offers one to one yoga sessions in the comfort of her own studio or she is happy to travel to the clients preferred location. Private yoga classes are a great way for beginners to learn the foundations in a safe environment without feeling the pressure to keep up in a busy often fast paced class, where there is little time to process all the information. These sessions are also suitable for more regular Yogis who wish to enhance their practice, master new poses and breathing techniques. Eve will tailor the sessions to the individuals needs so that progress can happen safely, steadily and above all enjoyably.

During the initial appointment Eve will conduct a brief free consultation where there will be the opportunity to ask questions, to voice any concerns and discuss any past or current injuries and/or conditions. During the session Eve will offer hands on assists and explain the benefits of the yoga postures and specific breathing techniques. Sessions also include optional meditation instruction, mindfulness practices and guided relaxations. All equipment is provided.

Sessions usually last 60 mins but can be shorter or longer if required.

Please contact Eve to discuss prices. Concessions are available upon request. Eve asks you kindly that you respect her 24 hour cancellation policy.

Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate yoga classes are a wonderful way of introducing busy office workers to the benefits of yoga. Many companies are now offering yoga as a service to their employees to boost energy levels and increase feelings of relaxation and positive health. With ever increasing stress levels at work and busier lifestyles all round, yoga in the workplace can help to instil a more balanced approach to life and help employees to connect with themselves by simply taking some time out from work without having to physically leave the office.
Benefits of yoga in the office ~

Improve feelings of self-esteem and happiness
Reduces stress and anxiety
Improves concentration, focus and memory
Tones muscles and increases flexibility
Improves posture and reduces back pains

Corporate classes can be set up in the morning before work, during the lunch hour or after work and generally take place in an available meeting room. Sessions usually last an hour but can be shorter or longer if required. Mats and props can be provided if necessary.
Eve will tailor the classes to the groups level of experience and offer advice and variations to students with specific requirements and conditions so that each individual can progress at their own comfortable rate and enjoy discovering the practice of yoga for themselves without feeling any pressure.

Please contact Eve to discuss prices. Discounts are available if you book a series of classes.

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